Proofreading Plus

Proof of Mind has designed a standard service best described as being somewhere between proofreading and copyediting, or proofreading plus. After gaining experience in the field, I realised that proofreading alone may not quite cover the expectations of clients who want a thorough final check of their document. Conversely, copyediting includes some tasks that are usually already undertaken before the document gets to the final proofing stage.

Below is a basic guide to the standard service provided.

Your document will be checked for:

  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • syntax
  • tense consistency
  • wording consistency (e.g. ’email’ or ‘e-mail’)
  • style consistency (e.g. heading fonts)
  • format consistency (e.g. margins)
  • readability (e.g. poor word choices)
  • paragraph layout (e.g. widows or orphans)
  • page numbers
  • captions matching images
  • omissions (e.g. missing pages)

Your document won’t specifically be checked for:

  • potential legal liability
  • copyright issues
  • accurate facts and figures
  • links to websites working
  • organisation of chapters/sections
  • appropriateness for target audience
  • logical flow of ideas

However, if potential errors or areas for improvement are found during the proofreading process, these may be forwarded on as suggestions.

If you have your own requirements that do not fit this model, we can discuss options around tailoring a package to suit your needs.


All work is done electronically. After you email through a copy of your document, it will be proofread in Microsoft Word, using the ‘track changes’ and ‘comment’ functions. You will be able to review these changes when the edited document is emailed back to you.

If your document is not able to be edited in Word (e.g. a pdf), I am able to provide typed comments in a separate document, or use other annotation methods.

Types of documents

Proof of Mind specialises in proofreading documents created by government organisations, their affiliates, and related businesses. Examples of documents proofread in the past include:

  • training manuals
  • information pamphlets
  • Easy English documentation
  • research papers
  • statistical reports
  • surveys


Survey Editing

Survey methodology and questionnaire design is a specific passion of mine. At Proof of Mind, I can provide survey editing which includes giving advice on question wording and scale selection, as well as a standard proofread of the document.

My experience in survey editing comes from a number of avenues. After learning the principles of questionnaire development at university, and undertaking an internship at an organisational psychology company, I designed and tested my own survey for my psychology honours thesis. I was later employed as a data collection methodologist at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, where my role was to provide advice to clients about construction of their survey questions and instruments, and to test and proofread drafted instruments before dissemination.