About the proofreader

Emma Cameron

Hi, I’m Emma. I am the sole owner and operator of Proof of Mind.

I decided to start my own proofreading business after many years of incorporating quality control into any task I was given by my employers. No matter what my job title, I always found myself wanting to focus on error checking and looking for areas of improvement — basically, tidying up products to make them as polished as possible.

While this skill was appreciated and positively exploited by the organisations I worked for, the generalist nature of most roles meant I wasn’t able to immerse myself in these tasks.

Running my own business, where I can specialise in the tasks that I love, allows me to provide clients with a product I’m most proud of, and they can be too.


  • Dip. of Publishing (Editing, Proofreading and Publishing) – Australia College QED
  • BSc Psychology & Psychophysiology – Swinburne University
  • BA (Honours) Psychology – Swinburne University

Why government publications?

The majority of my previous employment has been within the public sector. I’ve spent a lot of time in administrative and research roles for local, state, and federal government departments. While I’m able to proofread any type of document, I’ve chosen to focus my business on an area of particular expertise.

Why do I enjoy proofreading?

Because I’m autistic! The way my brain is wired means I have a natural passion and aptitude for scrutinising the fine details of most things I come across.

You won’t find me hobnobbing at parties, charismatically marketing my product and running out of business cards because I’ve handed them out to too many people. I’m not skilled at networking, but I am skilled at proofreading (and I get a kick out of doing it).

The documents you send me will be more like presents than chores.